Class Information

Kids Class Hours:

Tuesday: Gi - 5pm-5:50pm

Thursday: No-Gi - 6pm-7pm

Saturday: Gi -10:30am-11:30am

Adults Class Hours:

Monday: Gi Intermediate - 6pm-7:30pm

Tuesday: Gi Fundamentals - 6pm-7:30pm

Wednesday: No-Gi - 5:30pm-7pm

Thursday: No-Gi Fundamentals - 5pm-6pm

Friday: Open Mat - 6pm-7:30pm

Saturday: Gi Intermediate - 8:30am-10am


The Gi Fundamentals class covers the basic building blocks of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, This class instruction consists of principles and techniques for positional control, submissions, counters, and escapes, This class is perfect for the beginner through 2 year student or anyone looking to revisit the fundamentals!


The Gi Intermediate class is focused on continuing the development of the principles a student already knows, from classes like our Gi Basics. In this class less time will be focused on explaining basics and more time will be spent on detailed instruction, more advanced techniques, and proper application.


The No-Gi class reflects a combination of the Self-Defense techniques and "no grip necessary" Gi techniques. The speed and application of principles and techniques in a No-Gi scenario are unparalleled, creating a fun and challenging opportunity for learning. This class will also cover a mix of intermediate techniques that keep you thinking of exciting possibilities as your knowledge of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu grows.


The Gi and No-Gi classes cover the fundamental building blocks of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, just like the adult class, but with safety limits in place and an emphasis on fun! Kids class instruction consists of principles and techniques for positional control to stop a bully or attacker, submissions to persuade an attacker to stop, and counters/escapes to avoid an attack, This class is perfect for students ages 6yrs through 14yrs. Additionally, fun social building and energy expelling games are played at the end of each class!